TurtleNetwork powers better crypto trading.

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up to 100 transactions per second

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small flat fee per transaction

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impossible to fake transactions or volume

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network growth + utilization will not dilute your holdings

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Bot friendly

easily supports liquidity

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using on-chain 2FA, even a hacker with your seed can’t get your funds

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Environmentally friendly

no energy-consuming mining rigs like Bitcoin or Ethereum

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anyone can contribute to the codebase

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no KYC, nobody can shut you down or freeze your account

TurtleNetwork + TN

TurtleNetwork is an interoperable leased-proof-of-stake blockchain, capable of scaling and augmenting other chains as a layer 2 solution.

The whole network is powered by its native coin, TN.

About TN
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TurtleNetwork + Polarity.Exchange

Polarity is a DEX built on top of TurtleNetwork and actively contributes to network development, including advanced security features like on-chain 2FA.

Polarity’s gateway architecture and community focus has made it a top DEX for privacy coins like Pirate Chain, Monero, and Haven. All coins trade against USDT.

Trade on Polarity
orbit of different coins traded on Polarity Exchange

Build on TurtleNetwork

The TN blockchain is flexible and extensible by design.

Create NTC smart contracts, dApps, sponsored assets / personalized tokens, NFT, and more. It may be the right platform to build your next project or venture on.

Build Something
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Now on Swop.fi

TurtleNetwork is now listed on Swop.fi AMM (automated market maker). Users can swap between USDN and TN in one click.

Holders can provide TN to the liquidity pool to earn fees.

Earn fees now
turtle dealing TN in exchange for USDN


Development of the network itself is open-source, relying on contributions from individuals and organizations who volunteer their time and talent to build TurtleNetwork.

The project has grown organically, without any VC money or outside funding.

About TurtleNetwork
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Exchange Aggregate Partners

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Help us make crypto trading better for everyone