About TurtleNetwork

Solving the CEX vs. DEX dilemma

Centralized exchanges (CEX) often fake transactions to inflate volume and profit from excessively high fees. They require intrusive KYC and arbitrarily freeze accounts, but do not protect customers from frequent hacks.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) can be easier to use, but tend to suffer from poor liquidity, limited coin selection, and inflexible fee structures. Hacks aren’t as common, but seed storage becomes a single point of failure, vulnerable to discovery or human error.

TurtleNetwork helps eliminate the CEX vs. DEX dilemma by solving problems from both sides...

Born from Waves

TurtleNetwork started in 2018 as a 1:1 fork of the Waves Exchange DEX, and has roots in the Waves community.

TurtleNetwork Architecture

TurtleNetwork is an interoperable, leased-proof-of-stake blockchain, capable of scaling and augmenting other chains as a Layer 2 solution.

The network combines the power of a centralized matcher with a high-throughput blockchain capable of up to 70K transactions per second (based on Waves-NG, a proof-of-stake implementation of the innovative Bitcoin-NG protocol).

With its speed, TurtleNetwork can support bots and provide decentralized exchanges with the liquidity mechanisms typically enjoyed at CEXes.

Wallets on TurtleNetwork are completely non-custodial and use locally-generated private keys ('your keys, your crypto').

Privacy and user control are central priorities for the TN community. TurtleNetwork is a founding member of and partnered with the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA)

Native Coin (TN)

TN is the gas that powers TurtleNetwork. TN trades on several decentralized exchanges, and can be staked to the network to earn mining rewards.

Learn more about trading and staking TN at turtle.network/TN-coin


Each node on TurtleNetwork can support or oppose major feature changes considered via public, transparent votes.

Holders of TN can shape development of the network by leasing TN to a node that aligns with their aims.

Who builds TurtleNetwork?

TN is open-source and anyone can contribute to the code base.

A list of some (not all) key developers and contributors:

Bram Nagtegals aka blackturtle (creator / founder and lead developer)
Bram's nodes

Philipp aka Morty (gateways and nodes)

Hawky (initial gateway framework)

Rob aka G1zm0 (network statistics)

Tony Nguyen aka Xucito (contributor / developer and CEO of Polarity Exchange)

Nathan Sharp aka Wolf (network strategist / CBO of Polarity Exchange)

OHager (developer)

Gordon Bishop aka Gordob (turtlenetwork.eu and network IT)

Network Contacts

TurtleNetwork community: @turtlenetwork (Telegram)

wallet.turtlenetwork.eu support: support@turtlenetwork.eu (include TX id)

TN trading and price discussion: @tnotc (Telegram)

Site admin (turtle.network): hello@turtle.network

Polarity inquiries (partnerships and potential listings): bizdev@polarity.exchange

Polarity community: @polarityexchange (Telegram)

Polarity Exchange support: support@polarity.exchange (include TX id)