TN Coin

TurtleNetwork runs on TN

TN is the underlying utility asset for TurtleNetwork and can be thought of generally as a gas coin. Every transaction on TurtleNetwork requires a small amount of TN.

Staked or leased TN is also used to mine (validate) transactions across the nodes which form the network.

The market value of TN is derived from its utility as a scarce operating resource.

Fixed Supply

TN is non-inflationary. Supply is fixed at 100,000,000 (one hundred million) TN.

Currently, roughly 70% of all TN is staked on the network.

Nodes and Leasing

Like most blockchains, TurtleNetwork is comprised of a series of decentralized nodes which validate all network activity. Turtle Network secures its network with a stake leasing protocol called LPoS (leased proof of stake) as its consensus mechanism.

Nodes generate network fees for node operators and lessors. Anyone can create a node. The setup process requires a small degree of technical savvy, but you don't need to be a developer, and the community is always ready to help.

As a holder of TN, you can also stake your TN to an existing node (this is called leasing) in order to earn network fees, help secure the network, and participate in governance.

You can only lease TN using the interface. See how to do it here

There is no risk involved in leasing TN. Your TN never leaves your wallet. Leasing and un-leasing can both be done in seconds (no lockup or un-staking period).

Where to get TN

TN currently trades on several decentralized exchanges. See our list of trading pairs and exchanges

TurtleNetwork is still a small project. Price variance and arbitrage opportunities are not uncommon, so you should check all major TN pairs before buying in order to confirm the best price.

Remember that TN is not a vehicle for investment. There are no promised or anticipated returns, or expected appreciation, associated with TN. TN's only value is as a utility coin to power activity on TurtleNetwork.

Where to hold TN (wallets)

You can use and / or to store your TN safely and securely on TurtleNetwork.

Polarity allows you to set up additional layers of security, including on-chain multisig that eliminates the risk posed by your seed as a single point of failure. also lets you stake your TN to earn from network fees and help secure the network.

All TN wallet addresses begin with ā€œ3jā€ and can be accessed on both and (by loading the seed).